4 Things To Do To Stop Panicking In Soccer

It’s true that soccer is all about entertainment and fun. However, soccer games are usually taken very seriously by many soccer player around the world, and this kind of seriousness can lead some player to panic before and during a soccer game The main reasons behind panicking as a soccer player is the fear of … Read more

6 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Tackling In Soccer

slide tackle

We all know that soccer is a contact sport and that it requires a lot of physical engagement with other people. And as you can very easily tell, with physical contact comes the risk of injury.  Since tackling in soccer is one of the major ways to get physically engaged with your opponent, some people … Read more

10 Things Not To Do In Soccer

Soccer player in black and white

If you are new to soccer, and you want to learn everything there is in order to either start watching soccer or play soccer yourself, then this list of things that you should never do as a soccer player will be a great resource for you. Without any delays, here is a list of 10 … Read more

5 Reasons why Students Should Play Soccer

Reasons why Students Should Play Soccer

If you’re a student who’s questioning whether spending time on playing soccer at your school/college is worth it or not, then here’s your quick answer: Yes, it’s totally worth it. But why? Soccer provides tremendous benefits for students on so many levels. Soccer can increase the academic performance of students, it can also improve their … Read more

7 Reasons Why Soccer Players Shave Their Legs

Why do Soccer Players Shave their Legs

Whenever you watch a professional soccer match, one of the first things that you might notice about the players on the field is that most of them have shaved legs. Are you wondering why? It’s not for the reasons that you might think. One might think that soccer players shave their legs just to make … Read more

How Can Kids Start Playing Soccer?

How can Kids Start Playing Soccer?

Learning a sport at a young age has tremendous benefits for people. With that said, kids need to be interested in at least one sport out there in order to improve their childhood and their life. I believe that the best option for your kids is soccer for the reasons stated in this article. Today, … Read more