Do Soccer Players Lift Weights?

person lifting weights

Have you ever seen a shirtless soccer player celebrating a goal?  If not, then let me tell you something. Some of them look ripped. In fact, there are many soccer players that take their shirts off just to show off their muscles and their upper body.  With that said, the answer to whether soccer players … Read more

How Much Do Soccer Players Run In Training?

Soccer players training sessions

We all know that running is a fundamental part of the soccer game. We see the players running all the time on the field during a soccer game. But what about the practice sessions that the teams do? Do the players run a lot during these sessions too?  How much the soccer players run during … Read more

6 Running Exercises for Soccer Players

Soccer player sprinting

Running is one of the most fundamental requirements for any soccer player. If you can’t survive running during the whole 90 minutes of a professional soccer game, then you won’t be considered a professional soccer player no matter how good your skills are. So, if you’re into soccer and you want to practice running in … Read more

Should Soccer Players Run Everyday?

soccer players running

If you are a soccer player yourself, or you’re just a person who’s interested in learning more about soccer, then one of the main questions that can come to your head is whether soccer players run everyday or not. In order to answer the question, you’ll have to look at what the professional soccer players … Read more