What Do Soccer Players Wear Under Their Shorts?

Choosing the right underwear as a soccer player can have more significance than many people might think it would.

There is a reason why professional soccer players choose certain types of underwear during a match, and you’ll learn all about this in this article. But first, what are these underwear exactly?

What do soccer players wear under their shorts?

Soccer players of all genders usually wear compression shorts (aka sliding shorts) under their regular shorts during a soccer match. Wearing compression shorts protects the skin during dangerous slides, warms the players during the cold, and hides the private parts of the players when the regular shorts fail to do the job.

However note that not all players choose to wear compression shorts, some prefer other types of underwear, and there are those very few who choose to wear none at all (I wouldn’t recommend this).

What do the soccer rules say about underwear?

The soccer rules do not have a lot to say when it comes to underwear. They do not restrict the players to certain types of underwear. The players can choose to wear whatever they want under their regular shorts.

This is a good thing if you think about it. Imagine the referee having to inspect the underwear of all players before a match just to make sure that they fit the rules. That would be a scene to watch.

There is one thing that the soccer rules do mention though when it comes to underwear. If any part of the underwear is visible, it has to be the same color as the shorts color.

This is to make sure that there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to the colors that each team is wearing.

Why do soccer players wear compression shorts under their regular shorts?

Compression shorts aren’t just a cool trend that soccer players are trying to follow to look cool in front of cameras. They do have their benefits, and some of them are significant.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of wearing compression shorts during a soccer match:

1- Compression shorts Provide warmth to the player.

Do not underestimate what the cold can do to the players. Soccer players usually find themselves obliged to play during very extreme weather conditions, and they have to deal with it.

During cold soccer match days, the compression shorts can provide the needed warmth for the muscles to operate better and for the risk of injury to be reduced.

While a lot of people might exaggerate the benefits of compression shorts when it comes to improved performances, they do have some benefits on the endurance side.

According to the following study, compression clothing (including compression shorts) might slightly increase the endurance of the players, and we all know how important endurance is during a very long soccer match.

The study also suggests that compression shorts also have some benefits when it comes to muscle pain. It reduces muscle pain, damage, and inflammation. That’s all good news for a  professional soccer player.

2- Compression shorts protect the skin during falls.

If there’s one thing a soccer player knows how to do well, it’s to fall on the ground, and sometimes they do it in a dramatic way to trick the referee..

In short, soccer players fall a lot, and they also slide a lot. Defenders need to constantly tackle their opponents by falling and sliding on the grass field to steal the ball from the opponent. 

Imagine the pain that the friction with the grass can cause when the defender slides and their sensitive skin comes in direct contact with the grass. That’s not a great position to be in.

This is when the compression shorts come in. Unlike the regular shorts, the compression shorts are tight and are hardly movable. They act as a great protection layer between the skin and the grass.

I would wear compression shorts only for this reason, especially when I barely had access to a good grass field when playing soccer.

3- Compression shorts hide the private parts of the soccer players very well.

There is no way you won’t get grabbed by the jersey or by the shorts at least a few times during a soccer match. Especially if it’s a very competitive match.

Professional soccer players grab each other all the time for all kinds of reasons. One of these reasons is to make a tactical foul, but that’s a topic for another time.

With that said, there is a good chance that an opponent player might grab your shorts, and if you’re not wearing tight shorts under them, private parts might get exposed.

If you’re playing indoor soccer with a bunch of friends, they might forget about it in a few days, but if you’re a professional soccer player playing while cameras are following you everywhere, exposing private parts can be an issue.

That’s why many soccer players prefer wearing compression shorts. The shorts are tight enough for them to stay in their place if the player gets grabbed during a game.

That concludes this article.

In Summary

While not required by the laws of the game, soccer players usually choose to wear compression shorts as they have several benefits over wearing regular underwear.

The compression shorts help the players warm themselves up, protect themselves when they come in contact with the grass, and also effectively hide their private body parts in case their regular shorts get grabbed by an opponent player.

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