Soccer Goalie Box Rules

Goalkeeper blocking a ball

Goalkeepers in soccer are unique for different reasons. They wear a different color than their team’s color, they wear extra protective equipment, and they have extra privileges inside the penalty box. However, these privileges disappear the moment the goalkeeper leaves the penalty box. You may ask, what box exactly? What are the privileges exactly? And … Read more

Everything About The Goal Area In Soccer

Soccer game

You can ask any soccer fan about what the penalty area in soccer is used for, and they will most probably give you your answer, but when it comes to the goal area (aka the goal box, aka the 6-yard box) they might not always have the full answer for you. So, if you’re here … Read more

Are Shin Guards Required In Soccer?

Shin guard and other equipment

There is a lot of nonsense when it comes to some soccer rules, and some of this nonsense is turning some players into dramatic actors. However, if there is one thing that the soccer rules take seriously, it’s the safety of the players during a soccer game. What this means is that many of the … Read more

How To Get A Red Card In Soccer?

Referee giving card

Red cards in soccer are the highest form of punishment during a soccer game. If a player gets a red card, they are required to leave the field immediately and their teammates will have one less player on the field. While red cards are less common than yellow cards during a soccer game, they aren’t … Read more

How To Get A Yellow Card In Soccer?

referee with a yellow card

Yellow cards in soccer serve as a warning to a player if they break some rules during a soccer match. It is very likely that you see them used in most professional soccer games because yellow cards are very common. The yellow cards are also one of the fundamentals of the game. If you’ve ever … Read more

How Long Does A Yellow Card Last In Soccer?

referee with a yellow card

Yellow cards are given almost during every single soccer game. It is rare to see a soccer game with zero yellow cards. In general, you can expect somewhere between 3 to 4 yellow cards per soccer game. This clearly indicates that learning more about the yellow cards can help you understand the soccer game better.  … Read more

How Long Is The Break Before The Extra Time In Soccer?

Soccer player on the grass

A soccer game is 90 minutes long, however, it can also extend to 120 minutes in some matches if the game ends in a draw. Since the soccer game is physically demanding, players will have to get some rest in between the game’s full duration, but how long are these breaks? While most people know … Read more

Can You Pass A Penalty Kick In Soccer?

Soccer penalty kick

If you have been watching soccer for a while, then you have most probably seen at least a few weird scoring methods that made you question whether they are even legal in the first place. One of these scoring methods is passing a penalty kick for someone else. Is passing the penalty kick to another … Read more

Can You Be Offside From A Goal Kick? Why?

Goalkeeper taking a goal kick

The offside rule has always been confusing for the newcomers to soccer. However, even some hardcore soccer fans still do not know that the offside rule does not apply in certain scenarios. One of these scenarios is the goal kick. In soccer, you are not considered in an offside position if you get the ball … Read more

What Is The Penalty Arc (The D) For In Soccer?

Penalty arc of the soccer field

The soccer field has a lot of markings on it. While some of these markings are absolutely essential for the game (like the penalty area for example), other markings are almost useless. Where does the penalty arc (also known as “The D”) stand on the spectrum? Well, The D mark doesn’t drastically affect the soccer … Read more