Everything you Need to Know About Earrings in Soccer

Soccer and earrings

Earrings are one of the most common types of piercings and it’s not surprising to know that the number of people with earrings is huge.  If you or one of your children have earrings and if either of you are interested in playing soccer, then you’ll need to know what soccer says about earrings and … Read more

6 ways Soccer can help with Depression

ways Soccer can help with Depression

Depression is on the rise year after year as you may already know. It’s wide spreading with the help of many factors including social media. Depression is skyrocketing among young people especially. With that said, fighting depression should be on your priorities list all the time. If you or a person that you know are … Read more

Is soccer a good workout?

Is soccer a good workout?

If you know nothing about soccer, but you’ve heard that it can be a good workout for you and you’re now debating whether you should play soccer as a workout, then let me share my humble advice with you: Go play soccer right now. Soccer is one of the best zero-equipment full body workouts you … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Soccer

Mental Health Benefits of Soccer

Mental health awareness has been rising in the past decades and more and more people are realizing that they need to take care of their mental health if they want to live the best life they could possibly have. With that said, scientists have done a lot of research to learn more about how a … Read more

9 Reasons Why Soccer is a Good Sport for Kids

reasons why soccer is a good sport for kids

With the rise of social networks all over the internet, parents are getting more and more worried about their children’s upbringing. Sitting all day with a mobile phone doing nothing but watching YouTube videos or playing video games isn’t a great way to raise a child. With that said, if you’re a parent and you … Read more