Holding Midfielder VS Defensive Midfielder In Soccer

Soccer player with a ball

No matter how long you’ve been watching and playing soccer for, there are some terms and concepts in soccer that might still sound very confusing to you at first. For example, sometimes you find people using the terms “defensive midfielder” and “holding midfielder” interchangeably as if they are the same thing. Other times, you hear … Read more

How To Score More Goals As a Winger?

Soccer winger

When you hear the word “Winger” as a soccer fan/player, one of the first things that come to your mind is a “a player who makes a lot of assists”.  Wingers in soccer are known for their ability to make great runs on the far sides of the field in order to cross the ball … Read more

Soccer Corner Kicks: 5 Questions Answered

Soccer corner kick

Corner kicks in soccer are a fundamental part of the game. As a new soccer fan, you might have a lot of questions when it comes to corner kicks and how they work. I will be answering most of your questions (if not all) in this article. Without any delays, let’s start with the first … Read more

The Offside Rule For Kids, 5 Things You Should Know

Kids on a soccer field

In general, most of the soccer rules are relatively easy to understand. They are simple and they are to the point. For example, there is nothing complicated about telling a soccer kid not to touch the ball with their hands. But some rules can still be confusing and especially for kids. The offside rule is … Read more

The Description Of An Overhead Kick In Soccer (With Pictures)

Soccer overhead kick

Like everything else, soccer keeps evolving over the years and the professional soccer players always keep coming up with new ways to score goals.  Some of these ways of scoring were (and still are) extremely impressive and shocking to the soccer audience all over the world. This article will be talking about one of these … Read more

How Do You Know If You’re A Good Soccer Player?

Female soccer player

A question that we all ask ourselves constantly is: How good are we at something? But the answer differs depending on what that thing is. What if it is soccer? How do you know how good are you at soccer? The following article will guide you on knowing how good of a soccer player you … Read more

How Do Soccer Players Slide On Their Knees?

Player sliding on their knees

Soccer players are known to have some of the most dramatic and unique celebrations among all athletes around the world. One of these celebrations is sliding on their knees after scoring a goal. Some soccer players slide on their knees to celebrate a huge goal that they have just scored for their team. The knee … Read more