Why Do Goalkeepers Wear Green?

Goalkeeper wearing green

When it comes to the goalkeeper’s uniforms in soccer, one of the first things that you might notice is the fact that they wear jerseys that are different in color than the jerseys of their teammates. You might also notice as you watch more and more soccer games that the green color is a common … Read more

Do Futsal Goalkeepers Wear Gloves?

futsal goalkeeper with no gloves

If you come from a soccer background, then there are certain initial assumptions that you might have about futsal that might not necessarily be true. In general, one of these assumptions includes the goalkeeper’s gloves. It’s true that futsal is very similar to soccer. But even though you can think of futsal as a “soccer … Read more

Popular Soccer Jersey Numbers

Like many other popular team sports around the world, the soccer rules require that each player on a soccer team has their own unique number that identifies them on the field. While these numbers are generally only needed to make the referee’s life easier on the field (they make identifying players easier), some of them … Read more

How To Wear A Soccer Jersey Fashionably

Soccer fans wearing jerseys fashionably

Soccer jerseys aren’t exclusive to the players. As a soccer fan, you might want to wear your favorite team’s jersey too. However, you have the freedom to wear the jersey however you wish, unlike the soccer players who have limited options due to the laws of the game. While the idea of having a lot … Read more

What Is A Soccer Field Called?

Soccer player on a field

One of the most exciting aspects about soccer is the fact that it is an international game that is played in most countries around the world instead of being a game that is limited to certain geographical locations. However, the huge influence of the soccer game that spans the entire world introduces a small conflict … Read more

Why Are Soccer Fields Striped?

Soccer field with stripes

There is no doubt that the striped green grass of a soccer field can be much more impressive than a single green grass color. However, a question has haunted me for years in my early days as a soccer fan, and that was whether or not the striped grass had any purposes other than just … Read more

6 Interesting Goal Celebration Gestures In Soccer

Soccer celebration

Goal celebrations in soccer are some of the wildest ones in the sports world. If you’ve watched a few soccer celebrations, you already know what I am talking about. Some of these celebrations are generic celebrations that are used by many soccer players to simply express their excitement (the knee slide celebration for example), while … Read more

Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks?

Soccer socks

Every now and then, soccer players, and athletes from other sports too, try to come up with new ideas and concepts that they think might improve their performance in the sports that they participate in. For example, some Football players and Baseball players in the United States wear eye blacks believing that it reduces the … Read more

Are Soccer Balls Filled With Helium?

Soccer balls

Helium is one of these gases that have gained a lot of popularity among people. The reason behind this is its ability to make things like balloons float in the air. But what about a soccer ball? Does the helium gas have any effects on a soccer ball? And are soccer balls filled with helium … Read more

Soccer Ball vs Basketball | A Complete Guide

soccer ball vs basketball

Comparing the balls used in different sports can sometimes give you an idea about why the balls are made the way they are for each of these sports. For example, we talked about the differences between the futsal ball and the soccer ball on this blog before, and we learned the reasons why each of … Read more