What Is A Soccer Club?

Soccer fan with a club flag

One of the terms that is used very often among soccer fans is “soccer club”. If you’re new to soccer, you’ll find people mentioning soccer clubs many times in blogs like mine, on TV stations that broadcast soccer and so on. But what is a soccer club exactly? Why don’t we just call them soccer … Read more

7 Famous Jersey Colors In Soccer

Soccer jerseys

Every soccer team has their own brand color(s) that they stick to throughout their history in the game. Even though most soccer teams usually change their jersey designs every single year, however, one thing that doesn’t change in the main jerseys are the colors used. Why? Because these main colors represent the brand. They represent … Read more

What Is A Fullback In Soccer?

Each soccer team has 11 players on the field, and each one of these players have their own position and their own roles. One of these positions and roles is the fullback position. But what is a fullback in soccer?  A fullback in soccer is a defensive player that is usually positioned near the sides … Read more

5 Facts About Soccer In Brazil

Brazil Flag

There are many countries around the world that show some deep interest in soccer, but none of them come close to the passion of soccer in Brazil. You don’t have to be a soccer fan to know about the huge contributions of Brazil to the soccer world. In Brazil, soccer is more of a necessity … Read more

6 Facts About Soccer In Spain

Spain fans

Spain has always been one of the major contributors to the soccer game when it comes to history and popularity. Spain has some of the best soccer clubs in the world, one of the top soccer leagues in the world, some of the best players in the world, and some excellent world wide records throughout … Read more

What Is Beach Soccer? 7 Things You Should Know

Soccer on the beach

As a certain sport grows in popularity, you will usually see other variations of the sport being created constantly. This is exactly the case when it comes to soccer and beach soccer. As the name implies, beach soccer is similar to the regular soccer game but it’s played on the beach. How could I guess … Read more

What Is A Transfer Fee In Soccer?

Like many other sports, soccer allows the clubs to exchange players between each other. These exchanges are known as transfers in the soccer world, and most of the transfers require the buying club to pay a transfer fee. So in simple words, a transfer fee in soccer is the money that is paid by the … Read more

What Is A Free Agent In Soccer?

Soccer goalkeeper

Soccer players are not bound to a single club throughout their whole career. Based on my own experience of following the soccer news for more than a decade, I can easily assume that a lot of the world class players play for at least 2 teams throughout their journey. The transfer system in soccer ensures … Read more

7 Types Of Soccer Leagues And Competitions

World cup trophy

Soccer as a game is extremely simple to understand. However, the soccer leagues and competitions can sometimes be not so easy to comprehend. There are many different types of professional soccer leagues and competitions everywhere, and these large numbers of different competitions can sometimes confuse people who are new to soccer. If you’re asking, Why … Read more