What Do Soccer Players Wear Under Their Shorts?

Soccer players

Choosing the right underwear as a soccer player can have more significance than many people might think it would. There is a reason why professional soccer players choose certain types of underwear during a match, and you’ll learn all about this in this article. But first, what are these underwear exactly? What do soccer players … Read more

Why Do Soccer Goalies Wear Gloves?

goalkeeper with gloves

Professional soccer goalkeepers are usually associated with large gloves. However, this has not always been the case. There was a time when no soccer goalkeeper wore a glove during a soccer game. Yes, Goalkeepers used to play with their bare hands during the early days of soccer. But the transition to wearing gloves was made … Read more

Should Soccer Jerseys Be Tight?

Soccer players wearing jerseys

If you are a hard core soccer fan,  then it is safe to assume that buying the jersey of your favorite soccer team is usually on top of your priorities list. Some soccer fans literally buy their favorite team’s jersey every single year. Whether you are one of these people, or you’re just a soccer … Read more

Do Soccer Players Wear Eye Black?

Football player with eye black

If you come from America, then you have most probably seen some athletes with black stripes under their eyes (aka eye black). These athletes are usually either American football players, or baseball players.  But what about soccer players? Have you ever seen a soccer player use eye blacks during a game? That’s very unlikely, because … Read more

Are Soccer Cleats Metal?

Soccer cleats

Using the right cleat during a soccer game is crucial when it comes to the performances of the players. A slippery cleat for example can severely affect a player’s performance. With that in mind, a soccer cleat should give the player a very good grip when they are moving on the field, and it turns … Read more

How Long Does A Soccer Ball Last?

Very old soccer ball

Having a soccer ball that lasts forever is something that we all wish for. However, almost everything has an expiry date, and a soccer ball is no exception. There will come a day when your soccer ball is no longer usable, but the question is, when exactly is that going to happen? Or in other … Read more

Futsal Ball VS Soccer Ball | A Complete Guide

Futsal ball vs soccer ball

Futsal is one of those sports that looks like soccer but in fact is different from soccer in many ways. Futsal is one of many other variations of the regular soccer game that we talk about on this blog. While there are many differences between soccer and futsal that we can talk about, one of … Read more

Why Do Male Soccer Players Wear Bras?

Male soccer players

As a new soccer fan, there will definitely come a day when you see a soccer player wearing a bra on their chest area and just wonder why a soccer player would want to wear a sports bra. To clear out any confusion throughout the rest of the article, what you see soccer players wearing … Read more

What Happens to the Player Jerseys After a Soccer Match?

people wearing soccer jerseys

There comes a time when every soccer fan wonders what happens to the jerseys that soccer players wear during matches. I have compiled a list of all the possible things that usually happen to jerseys after a soccer match ends. After a soccer match, a player’s jersey is either washed and reused, exchanged with another … Read more

Why do Referees Use a Spray in Soccer?

soccer referee

During a soccer game, the referee will have to make sure that the whole game is going smoothly and that there is little to no time wasted during the soccer match. For that reason, the referees are given a set of tools that they can use throughout the match in order to help them communicate … Read more