Can You Steal The Ball From A Goalkeeper?

Goalkeeper juggling the ball

Finding loopholes in rules and trying to hack them is something that many people enjoy doing. Hacking the soccer rules is not an exception.  In soccer, you will find a lot of players trying to work their way around the soccer rules and claim that they haven’t done anything that is considered to be illegal … Read more

5 Things About Using Your Hands In Soccer.

person holding a soccer ball with their hand

If this is one thing that you should know about soccer as a complete beginner, it’s that a player can’t touch the ball with their hands while the game is on. There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, a goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with their hands when they are … Read more

Where Can You Score From In Soccer?

kicking the ball towards the goal

One of the most noticeable things when it comes to soccer is the large size of the soccer field. The soccer field is large enough to make you question whether or not a soccer player can score from anywhere on the field. What makes things worse are the markings on the field that can mean … Read more

Why Does Soccer Have Offsides?

Soccer ball inside the net

When it comes to soccer, the offside rule can be one of the most confusing rules for the newcomers. The offside rule can also be confusing for the people who already know a lot about soccer too. However, there is no doubt that the offside rule is one of the core soccer rules and it … Read more

How Many Points Is A Goal Worth In Soccer?

soccer team celebration

Most of the popular sports around the world have their own unique scoring system. However, one thing that many of the scoring systems of these popular sports have in common is that they reward a different number of points for each successful action during a match in the sport. For example, Basketball rewards the team … Read more

When Can A Substitution happen In Soccer?

Player substitution

The rules regarding substitution in soccer can sometimes be overwhelming, but when it comes to the timings of the substitutions, the rules are actually simple. This article will list the scenarios under which a substitution can be made during a soccer match, and I’ll also be talking about the process of substitution in details. When … Read more

Why Don’t All Soccer Stadiums Have The Same Field Size?

Soccer field

You might not notice it immediately, but after you watch a number of soccer games, you may realize that the soccer fields that professional clubs around the world play at are not all of the same size. Different soccer fields have different sizes. The FIFA rules allow for a wide range of soccer field dimensions. … Read more

Can A Soccer Player Refuse To Be Substituted?

soccer coach talking to a player

During intense soccer games, the players on the field might be extremely invested in the game to the point that they may get angry if their coach decides to substitute them with another player from the bench. Some players might even refuse to be substituted entirely. But are the players really allowed to refuse to … Read more

What Is The Two-Touch Rule In Soccer?

soccer throw in

Like any other well known sport around the world, soccer has its own rules and regulations that shape the game the way we know it today.  There are rules that are extremely well known and that define what soccer is all about, like the no handball rule for example, and there are other less known … Read more

Can A Soccer Team Play Without A Goalkeeper?

Soccer goalkeeper blocking the ball

There are many different roles that a soccer player can play on the field during a soccer match,  and one of these roles is the goalkeeper.  While there is a lot of freedom for the coaches to choose what type of soccer players to use during a soccer game (defenders, midfielders…), do they have a … Read more