Carding Soccer Coaches, 5 Things You Should Know

Soccer coach on the sideline

As you may already know, soccer uses the yellow and the red cards as a way to punish players on the field if any of these players does something that requires a punishment. But what about the coaches of the soccer teams and their assistants? How are they punished when they break the rules during … Read more

What Happens If The Ball Hits The Referee In Soccer?

soccer referee on the field

Since the soccer field is very large, the main soccer referee of a professional soccer match usually runs on the field like any other player just to be able to remain close to the ball and make more accurate decisions. However, what happens if the ball hits the referee by mistake during a soccer game? … Read more

How Do Loans Work in Soccer? (Everything you Need to Know)

soccer players

Transfers in soccer are an essential part of most of the soccer leagues around the world. Usually, there are only a few soccer players that play for only one soccer team throughout their whole professional career. In other words, soccer players move between soccer clubs all the time. These moves are either permanent using a … Read more

6 Reasons Why Soccer Teams Switch Sides at Halftime

audience during a soccer game

Most of the sports that are played on a 2-sided field force the competing teams to switch sides at some point during a match. Soccer is one of these sports. In other words, the soccer rules force the competing teams to switch sides at halftime. But why? The quick and simple answer is that switching … Read more

What Happens if a Soccer Goalie Gets a Red Card?

soccer goalkeeper

A red card is a soccer manager’s nightmare. Soccer managers/coaches spend endless nights preparing strategies and formations for a soccer game. However, one red card can ruin the whole strategy. What makes it worse is if the player who receives the red card is the goalie themselves. So, what exactly happens if a soccer goalie … Read more

Can Soccer Referees Change their Decision?

soccer referee

In soccer, the main referee has full authority and control over the match. The referee of a soccer match can do basically whatever they believe is right to ensure that the soccer rules are obeyed on the field.  Soccer referees can pause the game at any time, punish players with yellow or red cards, cancel … Read more

How Does Scoring Work in Soccer?

soccer team celebrating victory

When people write blog posts about soccer, many tend to miss the fact that some people know nothing about soccer, so they write as if the reader already knows the very basic soccer fundamentals. I decided that I’m not going to do that in this article. In other words, this article will answer questions that … Read more

When does the Clock Stop in Soccer?

When does the Clock Stop in Soccer

Time tracking is one of the most essential requirements for a soccer game to take place. A soccer game’s minimum time is 90 minutes long, and the game can extend beyond that if an extra time is needed. If you’d like to learn more about a game’s duration, check out this article. Soccer is known … Read more

Can a Goalkeeper Score in Soccer?

Goalkeeper juggling the ball

As you can probably tell, a goalkeeper’s main job as a soccer player is to protect their team’s net and prevent the opponent team from scoring a goal. However, a goalkeeper’s job can sometimes go much beyond only blocking an opponent’s attempts to score. A goalkeeper can score goals in their opponent’s net like any … Read more

How Hard Should a Soccer Ball be?

How hard should a soccer ball be

Getting the inflation pressure of a soccer ball right is a must before any soccer match. A non-properly inflated soccer ball can very easily affect the performance of the soccer players on the field. With that said, the question becomes how hard should the soccer ball be. A soccer ball used in a professional soccer … Read more