What Do Assistant Referees Do In Soccer

What do Assistant Referees do in Soccer

During a soccer match, what soccer fans usually focus on are the players who have the ball during a given time. However, most people miss the tremendous amount of effort that a referee puts during a soccer game. The main referee of the game will have to run towards the ball throughout the whole game. … Read more

Are Soccer Players Allowed to use their Shoulders?

Are Soccer Players Allowed to use their Shoulders?

The main rule that distinguishes soccer from many other similar sports is that players are not allowed to use their hands during the game. However, there has been some confusion around this rule, mainly, is using the shoulder prohibited in the game or not? Here’s your answer. Soccer players are allowed to use their shoulder … Read more

How does a Soccer Game Start?

How does a Soccer Game Start

You might have seen a lot of soccer players running towards the ball in order to steal it and score a goal during a soccer match, but you might wonder, how does it all start? What’s the first action that happens when a soccer match begins? A soccer match begins with a kick off. Before … Read more

What Are The 2 Legged Matches In Soccer?

What are 2 Legged Matches in Soccer?

2 legged matches are very common in soccer. They take place under many different scenarios. If you’re wondering what 2 legged matches are in soccer, then you’ve come to the right place. 2 legged matches are 2 soccer matches held between the exact same 2 soccer teams. Each match is called a leg. The aggregate … Read more

How Long Is A Professional Soccer Match?

How long is a professional soccer match?

Usually when we play soccer in our backyards, the duration of the match will be as long as our bodies can physically handle. But that’s not the case in professional soccer. A professional soccer match is 90 minutes long. The match is divided in two halves. Each half consists of 45 minutes, and the competing … Read more

Can a Soccer Game End With a Draw?

Can a Soccer Game End With a Draw?

Soccer, also known as the beautiful game, has so many rules that it can be confusing at first, but with time, you find out that the rules are much more simple that you thought they were. Let’s start with one rule. Can a soccer game end with a draw? Some soccer games can end with … Read more

Soccer Rules Explained for Dummies

Soccer rules explained for dummies

So you want to play soccer but you don’t know the rules of the game. If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. I’ll be happy to share all of the knowledge that I have gained about the soccer rules for the past 10 years with you in this little article. … Read more