How to Enjoy Watching a Soccer Match?

If you’re new to soccer, and you’re wondering what is the best way to enjoy watching a soccer match, then you’ll find what you want in this article.

A lot of people might try watching soccer for the first time and a few minutes later, they get bored and assume that soccer is boring. The problem is that most of the potential new soccer fans miss some of the most enjoyable aspects of a soccer match.

In order for you not to fall into the same trap, here’s a list of what you should do in order to enjoy watching your first soccer match.

1- Learn the basic soccer rules

You can’t watch a soccer match if you don’t know what’s happening. You need to know about fouls, offsides, goals, penalties, freekicks, corner kicks and so much more.

It takes a few minutes to learn about all these things. Here’s a list of all the rules that you need to know before you decide to watch or play a soccer match

If you watch a soccer match without knowing the rules, there is no way you can enjoy the match no matter what match you pick.

2- Pick a team that you want to be a fan of

One of the fundamentals of enjoying a soccer match is being a fan of a soccer team. You have to pick a team as your top team and watch their soccer matches, follow their news, and so on.

But why? Is it that important to be a fan of a soccer team before you judge a soccer match? Yes, it’s extremely important.

When you’re sitting alone at home doing nothing at all, you feel that time is slower than a turtle and you just feel a lot of boredom. The main reason behind such feelings is that you do not have a specific goal that you want to be achieved at the moment.

If you’re playing a video game however, your goal will be to beat the game, and you’ll feel that time is moving faster and you’re actually enjoying your time.

The point here is that when you have a goal that you want achieved, you’ll enjoy your time more no matter what you’re doing.

The same thing applies to a soccer match. If you’re just watching a soccer match without caring about which club scores and wins, then you’ll get bored very easily.

However, if you declare yourself a fan of one of the competing teams and you want them to win so badly, then the whole purpose behind the game completely changes to you. You now enjoy every goal your team scores, and every chance they get.

You’ll feel the suspense when the game is competitive, and you’ll feel worried when your team’s opponents have the ball.

Simply put, your overall experience will change if you pick one of the teams and support them.

With that said, if you are watching your first soccer match ever, then pick a team and hope that they can win. This way, you’ll love watching the game.

As a side note, if you are having a hard time deciding what soccer team you should support in general, this guide can help you out.

3- Pick the right soccer match

Not all professional soccer matches are exciting. I have been a soccer fan for more than 10 years and I do agree that some soccer matches are just boring.

With that said, you don’t need to let a boring match give you the first impressions about soccer in general. If you know a friend who is interested in soccer, then ask them to recommend a good upcoming soccer match.

For example, there is a huge difference between a friendly soccer match to assess new tactics and players, and the final match of the champions league.

In the first match, you’ll notice that the players are barely putting any effort to win the game, in the other match, players are willing to risk their lives to win the title.

You definitely want to watch the final match of the champions league instead of other less important soccer matches if it’s your first time watching soccer Else you might end up miss judging the beauty of the game.

4- Watch soccer matches with your friends

Watching soccer with your friends is much more fun than watching soccer games alone. When you’re watching with friends, you’ll get the chance to comment on the player’s performances with others, tell your opinion about the game, and so much more. You can’t do that when you’re alone because there is no one to listen.

What’s more fun is watching your favorite team play against your friend’s favorite team while you and your friend sit together to watch the game.

The competition between the two teams turns into a healthy competition between you and your friend(s). You’ll feel much more joy when your team scores, you’ll feel much more disappointment when your team receives a goal. The overall experience will be much better.

To summarize.

If you’re planning to watch a soccer match and enjoy it, then make sure you pick the right match, make sure that you learn the rules, make sure that you pick a team to chant for, and finally make sure to watch it with your friends.