8 Very Interesting Ways To Score A Goal In Soccer

If you have played or watched soccer before, then you know that there are many ways you can score a goal. You can literally use any part of your body to score a goal except your hands.

Through the years of professional soccer, some very iconic scoring methods have been used. Here’s a list of the most interesting ways to score goals in soccer.

1- Scoring with a header

Header goals are very common in soccer. When a soccer player is performing a header, he/she will try to hit the ball using their forehead towards the opponent’s goal in order to score a goal.

Headers are very important when a team wins a corner kick. Most of the goals that result from a corner kick are headers. The reason why is because most of the team players get the chance to be very close to the opponent’s goal.

In order to make sure that the ball reaches the team players, the player taking the corner kick will kick the ball high in the air and hope that one of their teammates scores a goal with a header.

In case you’re interested, here’s a great guide on how to do a perfect header during a soccer match.

2- Scoring with a free kick.

Free kicks are a great way to score a goal. Whenever your opponent’s team commits a foul near their goal, your team will have a great chance of scoring.

Free kicks are especially great for your team when you have someone on the team who can very accurately and precisely hit the part of the goal where the goal keeper will not be able to reach.

Some of the best free kick takers in professional soccer during our generation are David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Roberto Carlos and many others.

If you want to learn more about what freekicks are, then check this article out.

3- Scoring with a bicycle kick.

Bicycle kicks have resulted in some of the most beautiful soccer goals. A bicycle kick is a kick where the player kicks the ball as if he/she is doing a backflip. The only difference is that while they are in the middle of the back flip, they kick the ball with one of their feet and then land on their back and their hands instead of landing on their feet.

Bicycle kicks can be very dangerous if the player does them in a wrong way, however, the results are worth it.

4- Scoring from a Volley Kick

A volley kick is another interesting way to score a goal in soccer. To perform a volley kick, you stand still in your place, you then keep one foot on the ground while you rise the other one to kick the ball as strong as you can.

Volley kicks are very common in soccer and are a great way to score a goal and entertain the audience around you.

5- Tap-ins

Tap-ins are the easiest goals in soccer. Some argue that they are even easier than a penalty kick. When a player is only a few meters/yards away from the goal, and one of their friends kicks the ball towards them, then all of what the player needs is one touch to score a goal.

These kinds of goals are called tap-ins and you’ll see them regularly in professional soccer matches.

Even though tap-ins are easy to score, they are still very interesting because they prove that the player who scored knows where to perfectly stand in order to avoid the offside trap and receive the ball from their teammate.

6- Diving header

Diving header goals do not occur very often in soccer because they are hard to do. When a player receives a ball that is high and a few yards/meters away from them, they can choose to dive forward and hit the ball with their head to score a diving header goal.

These goals are very fun to watch, and are not easy to do at all. One of the best soccer goals in the history of the world cup was a diving header by Robin Van Persie in 2014.

7- Scoring from a corner kick.

Scoring a header from a corner kick is quite common, but what about scoring from a corner kick immediately?

Few soccer players have been able to land the ball inside the goal by kicking it from the corner side. These kinds of goals are one of the most shocking goals in the history of soccer.

8- Shoulder goals

While a soccer player is not allowed to use their hands, they are definitely allowed to use their shoulder.

There have been many great shoulder goals in soccer. Shoulder goals are quite interesting because they confuse the referee and the audience and create suspense when the referee tries to decide whether the goal was a hand ball which is illegal or a shoulder ball which is legal.

To conclude this list…

There are many other ways a soccer player can score a goal including normal kicks, penalties, and much more, but the above are one of the most interesting ways to score a goal. So, the next time you play soccer, try to score in one of the ways mentioned above in order to impress your team players and your audience.