Why Do Soccer Fans Sing In The Stadiums?

Soccer fans have always been known for their extreme love for the beautiful game. Singing in the stadiums before and during soccer games is one of many ways that these fans use to express their love and support for the game and for their teams.

I used to go watch a lot of local soccer games in the stadiums, and if I were to pick the one thing that I liked the most during my time at the stadiums, I would say it is the chanting and the singing by the fans in honor of their team.

So why do soccer fans sing in the stadiums? The unity between the fans, the atmosphere, and the sense of community that the singing brings are the main reasons that make soccer fans want to sing their team’s anthem or any other songs that relate to their team or to soccer in general.

It is no secret that singing and chanting in stadiums is not exclusive to soccer. In fact, there are many other sports that encourage their fans to sing in the stadiums during games.

However, one thing that distinguishes soccer from some other sports is the fact that there are some soccer teams that have their own anthem.

You can only imagine that the fans of a certain team will want to sing the anthem of their team before every single game, or else why would the team have their own anthem in the first place?

Here are some reasons why the soccer fans sing in the stadiums:

Anthems are meant to be sung

Teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool and many other big soccer clubs have their own anthems.

These anthems aren’t as old as the clubs that they belong to. In other words, there were times when these teams didn’t have an official anthem.

However, some of these teams have created their own anthems in celebration of certain achievements by the club, and other teams adopted the songs that their fans used to chant as their own official anthems.

Barcelona soccer stadium

So in simple words, one of the main reasons why soccer fans sing in stadiums is because they want to embrace their team’s anthem before every soccer game they play.

Singing in the stadium boosts the players’ confidence

The soccer fans have always had a big influence on the games that they attend. The fans can put pressure on the referees to make them reconsider making strong decisions that hurt their team.

The fans can make their opponent players feel stressed, and the fans can even put pressure on their own team players to push them into delivering their best.

But what is the best way to do this? Well, just imagine 40,000 fans singing the famous “You will never walk alone” Liverpool anthem during a big derby game.

I don’t know about you, but if I were a Liverpool player surrounded by tens of thousands of people singing a song to support me and my team, then I would be willing to push myself to the limit during the upcoming game.

My point here is that singing in soccer stadiums may help in boosting the players’ motivation during an important game.

Singing is a great form of expression for large audiences.

Another reason why you see the soccer fans singing before, during and after games is because singing is a great way for the fanbase to express themselves as a single unit.

Think about it for a second, what is an organized thing that a very large group of people can do to express themselves?

Well… They can chant together and sing a song that they all have memorized. Since most of the fans in the stadium have memorized their team’s songs, singing these songs in perfect sync is extremely easy.

Every single person singing contributes to the overall sound that comes from the stadium which helps everybody contribute and express themselves.

On the contrary, if everybody was just shouting random things that they think they should say, then the audience might not be as interesting.

There are other forms of expression that the large groups of fans have used in soccer and in many other sports. For example, raising small pieces of paper that, when combined together, create a great image when viewed from a certain distance.

However, singing is one of the easiest proper forms of expressions when it comes to very large audiences, and this is why you’ll often find the soccer fans singing together as a single unit during a game.

How do the fans know when to start singing?

I have heard this question a lot from people who haven’t gotten the chance to watch soccer games from the stadiums.

The question usually is: How do the fans know when they should start singing the song? How do they all start singing together in an instant?

The answer is quite simple, there are groups of hard core fans in the stadium that usually guide the other fans when it comes to cheering, chanting and singing.

For example, the way I knew when to start singing along with the other fans was when the hardcore soccer fans with the sound amplifiers signaled the beginning of a song that is well known by most of the fans attending the game.

These hardcore fans were in sync with each other almost all the time, and the whole audience usually went along with them. They are a group of people that help organize the audience.

But there are cases when the stadium organizers are staff members for the home team. These people help in guiding the audience.

For example, if you watch a soccer match inside the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (Real Madrid’s stadium), then you will sometimes hear someone from the stadium organizers chant the name of the player who scored all over the stadium.

The same thing happens in many other stadiums that are owned by the well established soccer clubs.

The stadium organizers will also play the anthems of their teams during the beginning of a game and during the end of it.


Listening to the fans sing in the stadium is one of the best experiences a soccer fan can have. 

There are many soccer fans that prefer attending matches in the stadiums instead of watching from home just because they want to join their fellow club supporters when they sing the team’s anthem, and I am proudly one of these fans.

I will wrap things up with one last sentence. 

There are many great benefits of the singing that the soccer fans do in the stadiums, but in my opinion, the greatest benefit is the unity and the sense of belonging that many soccer fans feel when they sing their team’s anthem along with tens of thousands of people.