What Games can you Play with a Soccer Ball?

If you have a soccer ball and a bunch of friends who are into soccer, then this article is for you. I’ll list in this article a few games that you can play with your friends using the soccer ball.

The professional soccer game requires that you have 11 soccer players and a large soccer field. But what if you don’t have 22 friends who are ready to play soccer with you anytime you want? And what if you don’t have access to a 70×110 yards soccer field?

The answer is simple, you can try out one of the following games with whatever number of friends you have. If you have at least one friend and a soccer ball, then you’ll be able to play at least one of the following games.

1- Street Soccer

I have talked a little bit about street soccer in this previous article. All you need to do in order to play street soccer is the following.

  • Find any area that you can play soccer at
  • Make sure that the area is completely safe for you and your friends to be able to play
  • Set up the goals using rocks or sticks
  • Divide yourselves into 2 teams
  • play soccer using the most basic soccer rules

If you’re a group of 6 friends, then a 3 VS 3 street soccer match could be one of the best ways to spend some quality time with your friends.

If you can’t divide yourselves into 2 groups that contain equal numbers of players, then you can play the next game instead.

2- Single goalkeeper soccer game

I made the name up. If you’re a group of 5 players, then what you can do is set up only one goal instead of two. Then you need to pick one of you to play as a goalkeeper, and divide the rest of the players into 2 evenly matched teams (2 players on each team in this case).

But how do you play a soccer game with only one goal? Here’s how:

The goalkeeper is supposed to block the ball from both teams and not just from one team. So the goalkeeper will be a neutral player and they won’t win or lose.

Both teams will have to use the same goal in order to score. The team who scores more goals wins the game.

If the goalkeeper has the ball, then they should throw the ball to the field while closing their eyes just to make sure that they don’t favor one of the teams over the other.

You can play this game even if you’re only 3 players. One player is selected as a goalkeeper, and the other 2 will play against each other.

This soccer game can be extremely fun to play. Give it a try whenever you and your friends have some free time.

3- goalkeeper vs goalkeeper soccer game

What if you only have one other friend who is free to play soccer with you? Does that mean that you won’t be able to play? Not at all.

If you’re only 2 players, then you can play a soccer game where each of the 2 players plays as a goalkeeper. The one difference is that the players will not be allowed to use their hands while they block the ball.

Here’s how you play the game:

  • Set up 2 goals, and make sure that each player protect their own goal
  • Player 1 places the ball in front of their goal, and kicks the ball towards the opponent’s goal
  • The opponent has to block the ball without using their hands.
  • Once player 1 performs their kick, player 2 gets to kick the ball.
  • The player who scores x amount of goals first is announced as the winner.

This game is much more fun if the distance between the 2 goals is long enough. If the goals are very close to each other, then blocking the balls that are kicked in the air is almost impossible if you’re not allowed to use your hands.

4- “one vs all” soccer game

Again, I am making the names up, but this game is extremely fun and it’s used in the training sessions of the professional soccer clubs.

The game requires no goals at all. Let’s say that you are a group of 6 friends. Then 5 players should stand in a circle, and the last player stands inside the circle.

What happens next is that the players forming the circle will need to pass the ball to each other, and the player standing in the middle of the circle should try to steal the ball.

If the player in the middle steals the ball, then the last player who touched the ball from the other players switches places with the player who was supposed to steal the ball.

This game is extremely fun, and it serves as a great training session too. You’ll learn how to quickly and accurately pass the ball to your team players without allowing your opponent to steal the ball from you in the process.

With that said, I’ll end my list of the soccer games that you can play with a soccer ball. Enjoy your next soccer game.