What Season is Soccer Played in?

If you’re here to learn about the seasons that the professional soccer games take place in, or you’re here just to know in what seasons of the year you will be able to play and enjoy soccer with your friends, then here’re your answers.

Most of the major soccer leagues around the world start in the fall season of the year, and they keep going till the end of spring of the next year. The summer season is usually either used as a break for the players, or as a chance to participate in a world wide soccer competition such as the world cup.

We’re going to talk a lot more about the soccer leagues active periods of the year, but first, let me introduce you to what soccer leagues are in this article in case you don’t know, and let me also answer a quick question that you might have.

During what seasons can a person play soccer?

A person can play soccer during any part of the year. None of the seasons of the year force any limitations on when you can play soccer. In winter, you can use closed soccer stadiums to play soccer, or you can just find any small area that the rain can’t reach and you’ll be ready to play.

In summer, you can play in the open fields. If the day is extremely hot, then you either play in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. If you’re playing during hot days, make sure that you throw some water on your head every now and then just to protect yourself from the heat of the sun.

So you can literally play soccer during any time of the year. But If that’s the case, then why do most of the top soccer leagues around the world start in the fall season and end in spring?

Why do most of the top soccer leagues start in the fall?

Most of the top soccer leagues in the world exist in Europe, and they kick off the season during the fall of each year. But why?

Here are some reasons that could have contributed to the decision.

1- Starting in the fall allows the players to take the summer off.

Summer is the best season of the year for most people. It is the season when people decide to travel, take a break off from their work to enjoy their time and so much more.

For that reason, kicking off the soccer leagues in the fall gives the soccer players a chance to enjoy their summer time with their families and friends instead of just worrying about one soccer match after the other on a weekly basis.

2- People spend less time at home during summer than during other seasons.

Check out this graph that shows the number of trips and nights throughout the year represented as percentages per month in the European Union.

The graph clearly shows that the months with the highest numbers are June, July and August, which are the summer months.

This suggests that people have more plans during the summer time and they won’t have a lot of time to spend at home watching TV.

Since soccer profits a lot from Television revenue, it would be a wise choice by the major soccer leagues to start their seasons in the fall and end them before summer starts.

This way, they’ll be able to have better viewership from home during the soccer season.

3- The world wide soccer competitions.

There are world wide soccer competitions that take place every few years between countries instead of clubs. The most famous competition of them all is the soccer World Cup which is the biggest sporting event in history.

During these competitions, a country is selected to host the soccer games. During the world cup for example, people from all around the world travel to the hosting country and remain there till the end of the competition just to be able to watch the games live.

With that said, hosting these competitions during summer will increase the number of people who are willing to travel to the hosting country which brings in more profit for that country.

However, these competitions won’t be able to be held during summer if the top soccer players in the world are busy competing in other league matches. Thus, ending the soccer seasons before summer gives the world wide soccer competitions better numbers when it comes to tourism.

A few last notes before I end this article.

Not all soccer leagues around the world start during the fall and end in spring. For example, the MLS in the United States starts in February or March and ends in October or November. The main reason behind that is the extreme whether conditions in some states during the winter.

However, most of the TOP SOCCER LEAGUES abide by the Fall-Spring schedule.