Why Can’t You Juggle a Soccer Ball?

Juggling a soccer ball is a skill that many soccer players try to acquire. Juggling the ball isn’t as easy as it may seem. Any small mistake while juggling might lead you to lose the ball, but as any other skill in the world, with enough effort and time, you too can learn juggling.

So, why can’t you juggle the soccer ball?

You are most probably not able to juggle the ball because you aren’t giving it enough time. If you are older than 6, and you are physically capable, then with enough practice time and discipline, you’ll find yourself able to juggle the soccer ball like a pro.

Juggling the ball requires a lot of practice and commitment. If you dedicate enough time each day in order to learn juggling the ball, you can very easily achieve the goal. Learning how to Juggle the ball 100 times in less than a month is completely possible.

With that said, here are some reasons that might be causing you to think that you can’t juggle the ball at all.

You aren’t setting daily/weekly juggling goals for yourself.

If you only have one end goal, then you might feel immediately frustrated that you are not achieving anything and this might be causing you to think that you can’t juggle the soccer ball.

Instead of having one end massive goal, try dividing your goals into smaller milestones.

For example, if your end goal is to learn juggling like a pro, then consider that today’s goal is to juggle the ball 3 times perfectly. That’s it.

Once you achieve that goal, it’ll feel like a small victory, and it will encourage you to take the next challenge, which is to juggle 10 times with your feet for example.

Once you learn how to perfectly juggle the ball 3 times, then it means that you have already learned how to hit the ball in the right place to juggle it. All you need to do now is to reduce the errors rate while juggling.

Basically, you need to use the well known ‘Divide and conquer’ strategy which has proven to be effective when learning new things or solving big problems. Divide your end goal into smaller goals, conquer each one of these tiny goals individually and you’ll find yourself juggling like a pro sooner than you think you can.

You aren’t dividing your practice time into small bursts

I have already mentioned this in my previous article that I linked above, and I’ll mention it here again because it’s extremely important.

If you’re planning to practice for an x amount of time each day, then do not use your practice time all at once, instead, divide it into smaller practice durations.

Studies have shown that shorter practice durations are more effective than long practice durations. Check the linked article above to learn more about this.

If you’re practicing for long durations and seeing no results, then you might be led to think that you can’t juggle the ball even though you’re trying your best.

If you divide your practice time however, you’ll not only learn faster, but also you’ll feel that your efforts are paying off.

You aren’t watching how other soccer players juggle the ball like pros

If you are practicing juggling on your own, then you might be doing some mistakes that you can easily avoid. The problem is that you might not know if you’re doing it wrong or not.

With that said, watching other people while they juggle the ball can give you an idea about how professionals do it. You can learn so much just from watching someone juggle the ball in front of you or in a YouTube video.

A Quick YouTube or Google search will bring you hundreds of videos of people juggling a soccer ball in a professional way. Watch how they do it, and learn from them.

You aren’t being patient enough.

This is quite an obvious reason for why you think you can’t juggle the ball no matter how much you try. It takes time to learn a new skill. If you do not learn consistently and be patient, then you’ll have a hard time gaining the juggling skill.

So my final words are the following

You can’t juggle the ball because you’re not being patient. Be patient, put in the effort, divide your practice time into smaller bursts, watch how others do it and set smaller goals to yourself, and you’ll find yourself juggling the soccer ball like a pro very soon. Good luck.