Are Soccer Balls Filled With Helium?

Soccer balls

Helium is one of these gases that have gained a lot of popularity among people. The reason behind this is its ability to make things like balloons float in the air. But what about a soccer ball? Does the helium gas have any effects on a soccer ball? And are soccer balls filled with helium … Read more

Soccer Ball vs Basketball | A Complete Guide

soccer ball vs basketball

Comparing the balls used in different sports can sometimes give you an idea about why the balls are made the way they are for each of these sports. For example, we talked about the differences between the futsal ball and the soccer ball on this blog before, and we learned the reasons why each of … Read more

What Is A Soccer Club?

Soccer fan with a club flag

One of the terms that is used very often among soccer fans is “soccer club”. If you’re new to soccer, you’ll find people mentioning soccer clubs many times in blogs like mine, on TV stations that broadcast soccer and so on. But what is a soccer club exactly? Why don’t we just call them soccer … Read more

Holding Midfielder VS Defensive Midfielder In Soccer

Soccer player with a ball

No matter how long you’ve been watching and playing soccer for, there are some terms and concepts in soccer that might still sound very confusing to you at first. For example, sometimes you find people using the terms “defensive midfielder” and “holding midfielder” interchangeably as if they are the same thing. Other times, you hear … Read more

7 Famous Jersey Colors In Soccer

Soccer jerseys

Every soccer team has their own brand color(s) that they stick to throughout their history in the game. Even though most soccer teams usually change their jersey designs every single year, however, one thing that doesn’t change in the main jerseys are the colors used. Why? Because these main colors represent the brand. They represent … Read more

What Is A Fullback In Soccer?

Each soccer team has 11 players on the field, and each one of these players have their own position and their own roles. One of these positions and roles is the fullback position. But what is a fullback in soccer?  A fullback in soccer is a defensive player that is usually positioned near the sides … Read more

Futsal Ball VS Soccer Ball | A Complete Guide

Futsal ball vs soccer ball

Futsal is one of those sports that looks like soccer but in fact is different from soccer in many ways. Futsal is one of many other variations of the regular soccer game that we talk about on this blog. While there are many differences between soccer and futsal that we can talk about, one of … Read more

Do Soccer Players Lift Weights?

person lifting weights

Have you ever seen a shirtless soccer player celebrating a goal?  If not, then let me tell you something. Some of them look ripped. In fact, there are many soccer players that take their shirts off just to show off their muscles and their upper body.  With that said, the answer to whether soccer players … Read more

Are Shin Guards Required In Soccer?

Shin guard and other equipment

There is a lot of nonsense when it comes to some soccer rules, and some of this nonsense is turning some players into dramatic actors. However, if there is one thing that the soccer rules take seriously, it’s the safety of the players during a soccer game. What this means is that many of the … Read more