6 Interesting Goal Celebration Gestures In Soccer

Soccer celebration

Goal celebrations in soccer are some of the wildest ones in the sports world. If you’ve watched a few soccer celebrations, you already know what I am talking about. Some of these celebrations are generic celebrations that are used by many soccer players to simply express their excitement (the knee slide celebration for example), while … Read more

Why Do Soccer Players Cut Their Socks?

Soccer socks

Every now and then, soccer players, and athletes from other sports too, try to come up with new ideas and concepts that they think might improve their performance in the sports that they participate in. For example, some Football players and Baseball players in the United States wear eye blacks believing that it reduces the … Read more

Do Soccer Players Wear Eye Black?

Football player with eye black

If you come from America, then you have most probably seen some athletes with black stripes under their eyes (aka eye black). These athletes are usually either American football players, or baseball players.  But what about soccer players? Have you ever seen a soccer player use eye blacks during a game? That’s very unlikely, because … Read more

Are Soccer Cleats Metal?

Soccer cleats

Using the right cleat during a soccer game is crucial when it comes to the performances of the players. A slippery cleat for example can severely affect a player’s performance. With that in mind, a soccer cleat should give the player a very good grip when they are moving on the field, and it turns … Read more

How Long Does A Soccer Ball Last?

Very old soccer ball

Having a soccer ball that lasts forever is something that we all wish for. However, almost everything has an expiry date, and a soccer ball is no exception. There will come a day when your soccer ball is no longer usable, but the question is, when exactly is that going to happen? Or in other … Read more

Are Soccer Balls Filled With Helium?

Soccer balls

Helium is one of these gases that have gained a lot of popularity among people. The reason behind this is its ability to make things like balloons float in the air. But what about a soccer ball? Does the helium gas have any effects on a soccer ball? And are soccer balls filled with helium … Read more

Soccer Ball vs Basketball | A Complete Guide

soccer ball vs basketball

Comparing the balls used in different sports can sometimes give you an idea about why the balls are made the way they are for each of these sports. For example, we talked about the differences between the futsal ball and the soccer ball on this blog before, and we learned the reasons why each of … Read more

What Is A Soccer Club?

Soccer fan with a club flag

One of the terms that is used very often among soccer fans is “soccer club”. If you’re new to soccer, you’ll find people mentioning soccer clubs many times in blogs like mine, on TV stations that broadcast soccer and so on. But what is a soccer club exactly? Why don’t we just call them soccer … Read more

Holding Midfielder VS Defensive Midfielder In Soccer

Soccer player with a ball

No matter how long you’ve been watching and playing soccer for, there are some terms and concepts in soccer that might still sound very confusing to you at first. For example, sometimes you find people using the terms “defensive midfielder” and “holding midfielder” interchangeably as if they are the same thing. Other times, you hear … Read more

7 Famous Jersey Colors In Soccer

Soccer jerseys

Every soccer team has their own brand color(s) that they stick to throughout their history in the game. Even though most soccer teams usually change their jersey designs every single year, however, one thing that doesn’t change in the main jerseys are the colors used. Why? Because these main colors represent the brand. They represent … Read more